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Your 10 month baby

Your 10-month baby growth rate and appetite for food slows down at this age. Now more than ever, your baby is a true explorer. The baby would always reach areas where she or he had not been before. You have to go exploring and climbing as much as possible. You will find that the ability to climb down is not as developed as the ability to climb down.

Skills and knowledge from previous months, such as tweezers grip, crawling, standing and walking with assistance, to get up from sitting to standing position or from lying to sitting, to imitate you, to understand the request "give me", to understand meaning of the word no, clapping and waving, playing peekaboo, tell mom and dad, and to protest when you take something from her or him develop more and more.

Remember that all babies develop at their own pace and therefore you should not compare with other children and find that there is something wrong with his 10-month baby if she or he has not developed as much with some skills that maybe a friend's baby has made . Ultimately, your baby is developing all the skills. But please do not hesitate to pick up what you as parents think and what observations you have made, the child care center next time you're there.

At that age, you may also notice that the memory improvement for your 10 month baby but will also consult with the picture. Your baby may become afraid of the vacuum cleaner, for example, or something else.

Communication is also a little easier at 10 months of age. Now you need your 10-month baby does not always cry when he or she wants something. Your baby may be, for example, point to a mug of water if he or she is thirsty. Now drink your baby too much himself out of a mug. To babble on "baby language" is another skill that the child may have developed.

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