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Your 11 month baby

Your 11-month baby has by now become an expert at escaping from places where he or she should be and in areas where he or she should not be. You will see that the baby would do anything to climb on everything possible to investigate and dismantle. Everything is exciting and nothing deters your 11-month baby. Your baby will crawl up and turning on itself as soon as you like to change a diaper on her or him, or otherwise limit the baby in one place.

Your 11-month baby is now making great progress, perhaps even taking their first steps without assistance. The baby also undergoes a verbal success. He or she can now understand more words, but also saying more words, other than just mom and dad. Babble in baby talk continues. The child will be like looking in the books even more than before, and maybe even like to get the read out of you. Your baby will understand better and have learned to recognize the images that he or she had seen before. Your 11-month baby communicates much by pointing at this age.

Again, parents should not worry about their children's development in comparison to other children. Every child grows and develops at their own pace and time. Therefore, you do not think that even 11-month baby is like that of another 9-month baby. This is normal and will sooner or later he or she is to rush forward in development.

Even at this age your baby should have the abilities that in previous months, that is, if your baby is not done so already. It is the ability to pick up small things with thumb and forefinger, to understand the meaning of the word no, to get from lying on his stomach, up to sitting, clapping hands and waving and walking with support. Your 11-month baby can even stand without support for a short time, separate the words mom and dad and roll a ball back to you. Now maybe the child can also drink from a cup all by himself, understand simple requests and even go on their own.

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