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Your 12 month baby

Your 12-month baby's life is a single game. Your baby is still not very good attention span so life is a lot of different games. There is a game that your baby will like a lot of fun at this age. It is a game where the child placing things on the floor to see if mom or dad picks them up. 12 months babies love this game, which they want to play constantly. Your child may already have discovered this game. The toys that your baby will get help to start moving the toys that you can putt around or rely on.

At this age, your 12 month baby very cute but you will see that your baby soon turns from a baby time to become a child's will, negativity and independence. As children grow and develop at different rates so do not worry about your child not have come so far, such as motor saw. Your 12-month baby might instead be more verbally advanced. Of course you should not hesitate to discuss your concerns with your doctor when you go there at the one-year control.

Your 12-month baby should by now be able to go through to stay in furniture and to show that he or she wants something with gestures and other ways than just cry. Your baby can clap and wave goodbye unimpeded, drinking from a mug yourself, use of forceps smooth grip and stand for short periods without support. The latter makes some children until they are 13 months. Your 12-month baby may be able to tell mom and dad and separates the words, or say any other word than mom and dad. There are many children who do not call a third word until they are 14 months.

To roll a ball back and forth is not obvious to a 12 month baby, because there are many who do not do that until they are 16 months. Another thing that is not entirely obvious that the baby may be at this age is to stand steadily without support. Many children are waiting until they are 14 months. Talking babble language may not appear until after 12 months of age. Going steady success, most babies until they are 13 months old. Your baby may as well start with the first call at first 16 months of age. So it all depends on how the child develops individually. But congratulations! Your baby is now 12 full months old!

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