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Your 1 month baby

Suckling reflex is the first one month your baby uses when he / she comes out of the stomach and babies both love and need to suck. The breast is most people's favorite but also baby or a parent's finger can work well to find peace.

At birth the baby had no body image and he / she explores gradually one's body during the first month, often find the baby first his hands and feet and can be immensely fascinated by their own body parts. Your one-month baby likes to look at the parents' face. Lie close when your baby is awake, be aware that your baby does not look so far, in the beginning about that from the chest to the eyes of the mother. Just looking at each other can be the nicest around! As is eye contact longer.

Just a few days after birth your baby know you but again your one-month baby is beginning to show it and often react differently to the contact from mom and dad than from others. Some one-month babies can even provide you with a smile.

The neck muscles are getting stronger and my baby is working to keep your head up for short periods. Maybe your baby lift his head when he / she lies on her stomach and may even turn his head from side to side. If you leave the baby train neck muscles when he / she is awake, by lying on your stomach. If your baby has little support for the head in a sling or wrap can he / she may hold up your head for long periods.

Your one-month baby makes perhaps more sound now, Knorr, whines, gurgles. It's your baby's way of communicating their feelings - do not forget to reply! Most newborns like the sound and music, perhaps you have been playing music or singing to your baby is already in the stomach. Try the same songs, sometimes you may find that he / she can recognize them.

At about 1 month, your baby has learned to focus with both eyes now, so he / she can follow moving objects with eyes. Some babies may be in short periods to do this before. A toy brought back and forth in front of your baby's eyes can be fascinating!

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