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Your 2 month baby

Now it's time to reward for all your care! When your two-month baby will give you the first, beaming, toothless smile, it is all worth it! For many parents, this is one of the major events in the child's development, to get feedback on all of their hugs and kisses.

Your baby is now awake longer periods, most two-month babies are waking up to 10 hours per day with two to four longer sovperioder. If you are lucky your baby sleep longer continuous periods. Often, your two-month baby is also more routines and sleep at the same time of day.

Now the baby's movements more smooth and the newborn's typical jerky arm and leg movements begin to disappear. Your 2-month baby can maybe grab things that come close, as your hair for example, grasp reflex is innate, but it tends to take longer before they can release. Some babies can already start to roll to the side, so be careful not to leave your baby alone in which he / she can fall. Babies learn new things all the time so do not assume that he / she can not be something today that she could not yesterday.

Your baby's vision has improved and at two months old, babies become more interested in more complex patterns, colors and shapes, instead of the simple two-color pattern with strong contrasts previously been the favorite. Toys and mobiles to watch the fun. Your 2-month baby can follow an object with his eyes.

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