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Your 3 month baby

The brain's different parts evolve much during this time. Hearing, language, smell, and coordination between hand and eye development and your 3-month baby is becoming better at recognizing things in their environment. When you talk to your baby look he / she may be right on you and try to maybe even respond. Read and sing to your 3-month baby and talk a lot with your baby - it helps him or her to learn to recognize the melody of language. And provide a good basis for the linguistic developments that actually begins now.

Sleep habits are to many parents' delight more and more regular.

Neck and back are getting stronger and your 3 month baby may be able to lift his head when he / she is well on his back and stomach. Now the baby is usually able to support your arms and get his head up really well when he or she lies on her stomach - now want your baby to be with and see everything that happens! With proper support to your baby may also sit and hold his head steady. Hips and knees are also stronger and your baby can wave your arms and kick more strongly with your legs. Do you keep your 3-month baby in an upright position, press him or her off with your feet, it may look as if your baby tries to walk. Your baby can stretch out your fingers but still use most fist, f or to hit things.

Most babies have already acquired a clear idea of ??what people in the vicinity that are most important and familiar again mom and dad. Most babies smile at this age against anyone who speaks and gold with them, but they can clearly make a difference on those closest to them. Your 3-month baby may also laugh against his own reflection, most babies usually love to see themselves. Your baby is becoming socially active and interact with their environment, many babies are in this age of real charmer who smiles and giggles to all and test their ability to captivate the surroundings.

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