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Your 4 month baby

Your 4-month baby has had major stomach and now need no food as often. Many babies are now beginning to be curious about other food and watching with interest to other family members who put food in your mouth.

Your baby is becoming better at lifting his head and makes small push-ups when he or she lies on her stomach, and perhaps to his own amazement and your baby can now roll over from tummy to back or vice versa. Your 4-month baby also begins to reach for things and when he / she gets hold of something, they tend to end up in your mouth. Baby Please explore EVERYTHING by putting it in her mouth so now is the time to be careful about little things in your baby's surroundings. Many babies begin to drool more and some get the first few teeth already, even if there are too many delays a few months before the first small sting are looking up. Your baby is beginning to occupy themselves more self and likes to get things to investigate, otherwise it's also exciting to put your foot in your mouth.

Within the next few months are also beginning to most babies do talliknande as ma-ma, ba-ba, da-da. Talk a lot with your 4-month baby and encourage him and her to "talk"! Respond to the baby says it teaches him / her to cause and effect, "when I say something, I reply," the next step is that your child understands that what one says are important.

From having been a real charmer who laughed in all, many 4-month babies more selective with what they want around them and may be more uncertain about strangers, often prefer the baby now to enjoy the company of others from the safety of mom or dad's arms

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