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Your 5 month baby

Your 5-month baby continues to be a bit aloof with strangers at the age of four months. Your baby may also show signs of separation anxiety, but that's normal. Your baby is now becoming increasingly interested in the toys that make noise, which can turn against each other, which you can suck on, which you can chew, you can assemble and move. Playing will you do in a lot of it helps your baby develop. Now it's also very easy for your baby to grab hold of different things that it then puts into the mouth for examination.

Your 5-month baby likes to play peekaboo and when you hide things together. Your baby has begun to understand that things exist even if she or he can not see them. To suck on feet and hands is also something very funny. Your 5-month baby like when you read or sing to her or him, even if your baby still does not understand everything you say. It is your voice and your baby likes to watch your mouth when you talk.

There is also a period for the child when that parent must have extra patience and calm and remember that it is enough that you are there and comfort her or him when he is upset.

At this period, your five-month baby to be ready for eating from a mug. Your baby may have already begun to taste the food other than breast milk. Baby sit with support, can lift shoulders and head when she or he is lying on his back and can jump up and down when you hold the baby in your arms and let him or her balance on her thighs. Your 5-month baby continues to get better at rolling and to detect small objects. It is now that your baby begins to make out even weaker colors, understand the direction of sounds and laughs often. Your 5-month baby likes to be cuddled and caressed, but can itself also give hugs and kisses.

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