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Your 6month baby

Your 6-month baby may have already learned to sit up on their own and perhaps even tried to creep and crawl already. Now your baby can also twist and turn in different directions and moving objects from one hand to the other, or pick up a toy that he or she lost. It is a time full of changes for your baby. During this time, your baby is 6 months have had their first teeth. It is a time when all learning takes place through listening, because like my baby singing and reading. Moreover, like the baby will also be with other babies, it teaches him or her about relationships. At this point it has also become topical to start brushing your baby's gums and teeth.

Your baby may already have started well with any type of solid food. The baby can now roll in both directions and is almost fully developed vision and hearing. She or he is spinning and swinging around when he or she lies on her stomach. The child has developed so much that it is now crawling to reach things that are out of reach. It's fun to put toys in a box to the next moment to empty them out. Your 6-month baby really like to hear different sounds, especially animal sounds, and can self-express certain combinations of vowels and consonants.

Your baby is in a period when he or she becomes fast friends with strangers but may also see familiar faces and hear familiar voices. Now do the child no longer express their needs and desires by crying, but may resort to other means. You will also notice how badly your 6 month baby gets when you take a toy from him or her.

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