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Your 7 month baby

Your 7-month baby is now more interested in amusing himself and play. Give your baby therefore stimulating toys to play with. Some babies start to crawl at this time, other babies start to walk without crawling first. To get your 7-month baby start to crawl, you can always try to present a favorite toy out of reach for her or him and praise the baby when it moved forward.

Your baby wants to learn about new sounds still now. That's why your 7-month baby like to generate sound by slapping together their toys. And talk he or she can do much more, that is what sounds like real words. He or she can now make sounds that ma, mi, da, d and b, and it is therefore very likely that your 7-month baby is now going to call you mom or dad. It is good for you as a parent listening to your baby and repeat his words. The good thing is to point at things and tell the child what they are called. Tell your baby about what his or her body parts named and show and tell about the different colors available.

Your 7-month baby is now more social and want to be there when things happen. To see pictures of other babies, himself in the mirror, to be with other people and waving goodbye is fun for baby. Your baby can tell when someone is happy or sad and will notice that when you as a parent is either one or the other.

Baby's eyes develop rather quickly. At birth was 7 months of your baby see only up to 30 cm long and could not see colors. So at 7 months of age is the view very well developed. Therefore, your baby will appreciate the walks more.

The child is at this period are still relying on you to always know where you are. He or she is experiencing separation anxiety but it can be alleviated by you always tell where you are going and assure her that you will return, and that you actually do so. It is also during this period that your baby will project their feelings to you on a subject, such as a blanket or a stuffed animal.

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