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Your 8 month baby

Once your baby has been eight months, she or he is very active and busy with their new skills, like crawling, and is eager to learn more. Now everything is so much more fun for your baby is 8 months since the motor skills in his or her hands have been developed and coordination has improved. It is a time with a lot of discoveries and lessons and above all lots of laughter!

Your baby continues to develop his sound and his attempts to speak real words. Perhaps it is this month your baby says the first words, maybe mom or dad. To understand all the words are still not that good but your eight-month baby can now understand the meaning of certain words, such as the word "no."

Your baby can still be entertained by her reflection and it is the basis for many smiles, despite the fact that babies do not really know who's looking back in the mirror. Now, the 8-month baby is able to rely on his legs when you hold him or her upright. She or he should be able to eat a biscuit all by himself, picking up objects and turn in the direction of a voice or sound.

You will see that your 8-month baby is able to move something from one hand to the other and go from having slept on my stomach up in a sitting position too easily. Your baby might even get up to standing position from a seated position and go through to keep the furniture. Best of all perhaps is that your baby can also pick up small objects using thumb or forefinger, known as the pincer grip. Your 8-month baby likes to clap, wave goodbye and play peekaboo.

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