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Your 9month baby

Your 9-month baby waking hours revolve around how she or he will get around whether it is to go with the furniture, crawl or slither through. The child has entered the phase where the baby will do anything to get a laugh the other. She or he wants to do everything you do and imitate you. It is also a time when your baby "behavior" in a sense. Your baby may pretend to cough and do it again and again to maintain.

Your 9-month baby can already hear more and more advanced things like that things are even if they are not visible, as when, for example, dad is hiding behind the curtain, so he's still there. When your baby wants something that is out of reach so he or she is trying to get hold of it. Your baby has become an expert in the search for a lost object.

Subject crawling, getting up in the sitting position from a sitting position, and to stand up and walk with aid work better and better and progress from the eighth month more and more. Your 9-month baby has really formed his personality for your baby will definitely show what he or she thinks you are trying to deprive him or her a toy or something else. Pincer grip also works even better.

Your baby can even tell mom and dad and distinguish between words or still just say the words indiscriminately. Now I understand what your baby is also no means even if your baby does not always obey. The baby also understand simple requests that when you ask him or her to give you the ball and stretches out his hand. Your child is so clever that it might even be able to play ball, to roll the ball back to you if you roll it against her or him. To drink yourself out of a hat is something that your 9-month baby may also be capable of.

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