a keepsake

A keepsake

If you have good memorable experiences keep them in a keepsake. A keepsake is often made up of a wooden box but now days it is more and more common to store the memories online or in an electronic photo frame that changes pictures at your choice. Special Occasions like wedding, christening and birthdays or graduation is enjoyed many times afterwards If you collect your memories either as photos or through writing down your memorable experiences close to the occasion.

A baby keepsake is often built up by plenty of information provided by the parents that takes notes about all the major happenings during the first year. It could also be nice to movies and even some baby hair from the first time. A keepsake from wedding or even graduation is also very frequent among people and also appreciated. Normally it would be a photo album or a video from the wedding.

Today with quite advance mobile phones, most people will have plenty of short film clips and many photos in the smart phone or on the computer. That has created a major demand for keepsakes online that is accessible via internet using a phone or a computer.
Are looking for an online keepsake to document you baby´s first year? Book About baby has a really smooth way of creating a real book about your baby online. You can write a bit every week or on occasion, via your smart phone or via you browser from your computer.

You can fill your online keepsake with uploaded pictures and funny situation that you and your baby have had during the first year. The structure of the book is already there and you can choose freely from more than 90 pages that might suit your purpose with the book. It is all template based with plenty of questions to stimulate your writing in you progress of creating a keepsake for your baby online.
Looking for a keepsake online for your own usage or do are you looking for a perfect gift to newborns?
Take a couple of minutes and watch this information video that explains the online keepsake.

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a keepsake

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