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Baby journal

Keeping a journal for your baby might seem like a fun thing at the beginning. You as a parent are very much motivated to write about your baby’s first year and all its developments. But for most people loosing the motivation is very common. You start writing something every day but after a while, writing a baby journal becomes something hectic, but at the same time, you start having guilty feelings because you are not putting as much effort to it. Or you feel like, writing a baby journal, becomes something that takes too much out of your time. You have so much to write, and you cannot keep up. But think about it like that. You have to take some time out so you can create a baby journal. Every day you see a development, something that lights up your life, and your day. Your baby is growing every day. And you watch it form its own personality and you start wondering, “What would I ever have done without you”. If you do not write a baby journal for your baby, who will? Who is going to remember what important and big steps your baby took, having the first teeth, crawling, clapping hands, smiling for the first time, giggling, learning how to walk and how to talk! We humans usually do not remember what happened to us in the first years in our lives. There is probably no person on this earth that would not want to know what happened in his or hers life at a time when no one remembers his or hers first year. Children cannot always rely on their parents to remember, because human brain fails us, and we forget. A baby journal is a very valuable help in that case. If you as a parent manage to write down a baby journal for your child, you daughter or son will be forever grateful to you. Every person should have a chance to learn about his or hers past. “What was it like, how was mummy and daddy thinking about me? How was my family living, what happened to me, how was I as a child? Was I a crying baby, an active baby or a quiet baby?” In that way your baby, when it gets older and becomes an adult, it will know more about itself and where it comes from.  

Baby journal – what to write

You can pretty much write down everything in the baby journal. It could be about how it was when the baby was conceived, how the baby was reacting when it was in the tummy, or mummy’s thoughts during the pregnancy. Write about the child’s family tree, who is who in the family, about important people in the baby’s life, and perpetuate ultrasound photos. You can write down how much the baby grows each week or each month, how it sleeps, or also about how it was when the baby first started to babble or say real words. Describe who the baby’s first friends were, which is fun to see later on, if they remain good friends when they are adults. You can write about what happens every day, in the baby journal. A great tool to do that is Think about it like that: If the baby could write, what would it write about?  Namntavla


Memory Baby Book

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