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baptism gifts

Baptism gifts

Looking for good ideas regarding what to give as baptism gift? Then you have found the right place. Let’s face it can be quite a challenge to find a gift that is appreciated by the child and parents for some time. The baptism is normally the first time after the birth when all the relatives get to gather at the same time. In some families it’s a major event and the atmosphere is positive and very cozy. Before you join the party you need to sort out what to bring as baptism gift.

Baptism gifts that are popular

Jewelry is a very traditional baptism gift and is appreciated by the parents and by the baby when it is growing up, if the jewelry is of the kind that can be worn for many years.

Pearl bracelets as baptism gifts are very popular but you will have to spend quite a lot of money in order to get real pearls. Simulated pearls may not be the long lasting appreciated gift; on the other hand giving real pearls to a newborn is maybe not the best idea.

Silver charm bracelets as baptism gifts are traditional and very popular among many families. They last long and can be worn at many occasions.

Bangle bracelets in gold or sterling silver with engraved name and date of the christening will cost you quite a lot of money but if the family is close to your heart this is a good gift option.

Necklaces are also appreciated baptism gifts to babies. Lockets are classic choice and normally appreciated. Lockets with the name, birth date and baptism date engraved inside or on the back. Pearl necklaces with saltwater pearls or freshwater pearls will last for generations to come, if they are handled with care. Hearts in gold with engravings are also very popular among the parents and the children.

Jewelry for boys is really tricky and the risk /reward ratio indicates look for something else since it is not very likely it will become a gift that is appreciated by the parents and child.

Baptism gifts for boys and girls

Digital picture frame is a good option, since we today have plenty of digital photos of our family and loved ones. This gift will give joy to the newborn for a long time and the pictures are easily replaced with new ones as time goes by.

Keepsake box to keep the memories from the baptism day, used to be popular in the past.

Baby blankets with the name embroider on to it.

Crib medals with the guardian angels to look down on the baby when sleeping.

A new and very popular baptism gift is a Book about the baby's first year. In the past the parents kept notes on the progress of the baby during the first year, developed the photos and made a small handwritten book about the newborns first year. Today it is all much easier. Today you make the book on the web, you write a paragraph per week and then upload plenty of pictures from your camera and after a year you order a book about your baby. Book about baby has a special gift box that includes everything that the parents need to write the book about the first year. Please watch the video to find out more.

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