Print and bookbinding services
When you are finished with your book, you can print it yourself on your printer, as many times as you want. Just click on "print book " and then choose which pages to print and click the button.

It you would like to get your book printed and binded with a hardcover or ring bindning, you can order this below. We offer two different types of binding and your book is printed double-sided in full color, on slightly thicker paper (135 gr).

Before ordering printing and binding, you need to visit the page "print book" and there create your book in PDF format. You then select the pages you want in your book and click the checkbox to make your book available to the administrator, so that we have access to your file for printing.

*) Price examples with 70 pages

Please note: It is important that you look through your book!

We ask you to carefully look through the PDF-file created for your book and advice you to print it at home and look through, before making it available to us. Your printed book will look exactly like your PDF-file and it is your own responsibility that it looks the way you want it. Please check all the pages and proofread the texts once more before ordering your book.
The price of your book depends on how many pages you have made in the book and the binding you choose. You see the prices in USD below:
No. Pages Ring
Hardcover binding
40 $30 $33
50 $35 $38
60 $41 $44
70 $47 $50
80 $53 $56
90 $59 $62
+ postage $12 per book.
Number of pages
The price of your book will vary depending on how many pages there are in the book. For us to calculate your price, please fill in the number of pages in the book (most easily you can count this in the PDF-file or in the "Print book" page. If the number of pages in the actual book differs from the number of pages you entered when orederig the price will be adjusted according to the number of pages in printed.

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I have checked my book and take responsibility for that book looks like I want it. I have made my book file available to the administrator by clicking the box on the "Print Book" page.
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