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Looking for a good book about your baby´s first year? What could be a better book than an online book journal where you can with ease write about your baby´s first year adventure and progress. What milestones will she or he pass during the first year on earth. There are many funny moments and many feel good moments that should be experienced over and over again.
Making a book will give your child a unique way of experiencing the first year over and over again, reading it and enjoying the pictures and movies from that time. Often the book about baby you make becomes the favorite book when the child is around 8-10 years old.

Book about baby membership as a gift

The parents of a newborn will receive lot of gifts when the child is born. Many things will only be used during the first few weeks and the baby itself will not be aware of the gift. Not during the first month and not after either. A book about baby membership is a gift that will last long and will be enjoyed when the child is a little bit older, when the child itself becomes a parent, and when their kids becomes interested in books and family photos.
Book about baby

Book about baby appreciated by the parents

For example Humble Bumbles, My First Steps Baby Girl and Boy, My Baby Book, some specialized baby books for boys and some for girls. Almost all of books around describing the first year are to be written by hand. There are not so many baby books online to choose from. Please have a look at our video that in 3 minutes shows how our book about baby is made online in small steps by any parent, that turns into a great book in less then a year.
about book about baby There are many books about the baby's first year around
When you are finished with your book you can easily print it in a nice bookformat with cute graphics and fun facts. You choose if you want to print it yourselves - as many times as you like - on your own printer. Or you can use our professional printing and bindingservices. Have we gotten your interest? Please read our special offer to join Book about baby already today at the price of 22 euro. If you still are hesitating, click on the link where you can read about the details and also see our 3 minute demo video. We hope to see you online soon.

Memory Baby Book

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