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Mirago Media AB is a company registered in Sweden that owns and runs Book About Baby. Mirago Media works with publishing on the internet and e-products since 1999. You reach us through e-mail to  info@bookaboutbaby.com, with written letter to Mirago Media AB, Kärleksgatan 2a, 211 45 Malmö, Sweden or on phone +46-40-35 48 35.
Privacy Policy

Mirago Media AB is responsible for collecting and storing information
concerning Book About Baby and it’s customers, All information about
customers are stored to withhold the customer relations and are handled
with high security. Only Mirago Media AB have access to this information.
Mirago Media does not let any third party have access to the information
that Mirago Media receives when a customer is registering with Book About

Mirago Media will send confirmation emails to the customers regarding
their purchases, as well as product info and product updates in order
to fulfill our comitment to the customers. The number of email to a customer
on an yearly basis will not exceed 10 emails.

Mirago Media AB owns all the material in the Book About Baby tool. The
customer owns all the content in the book that the customer writes or

It is not allowed to copy or use any of this material in whole or parts
without permission from Mirago Media AB.