Here we have listed some questions and answers about Book About Baby. If you have any more questions you are always welcome to contact us on: info@bookaboutbaby.com
How do I get started?
You create an account by filling out the information to the left on the first page on www.bookaboutbaby.com. After you have created your account you come to a payment page where you easily pay with credit card through PayPal, one of the world’s most safe internet payment services. An account where you can create a complete book, invite your close once to read it online and print it in a nice book format as many times as you like will cost you 22 euro.

I have got a giftbox or a mail with a value code – how do I get started?
In your gift box there is a gift certificate with a code, or if you have ordered Book About Baby through a campaign you have got a mail with a code. You create an account as above and fill out the code in the field for code, then you can create the account without paying.

How do I send an invite?

If you already have an account with Book About Baby you can make your friends happy by sending an invite to them. An invite gives your friends the chance to try out Book About Baby for free for one week. You send invites on the top left of the page. Type your friend’s e-mail adresses and send.

I have received an invite – what do I do?
With an invite to Book About Baby you get to try the site for one week for free. Create an account as above and fill out the code you have received. If you want to continue using Book About Baby after one week it costs 19 euro for two years.

I want to show others what I do – how do I do that?
The book you create on Book About Baby also becomes a nice site where you can invite your close once to follow what you are doing on the net. They get a password and can log in and read your site. You can invite up to 10 readers.

My book is on the net, can anyone read it?

No, your book can only be read by the once you have invited and that has received a password.

How do I upload pictures?
In many of the pages there is room to upload pictures. The pictures can be uploaded from your computer. To choose a picture you click on the “upload and crop image here”. A new window will open and click the button on the top to select picture to upload. In a couple of seconds the image will be visible. On the picture you see a square marking, you can do this smaller and bigger by dragging the edges and you can move the whole marking with the mouse. The marking shows the format of the picture that will fit on this page. You cannot change the format of the picture but you can crop the picture directly when uploading it. When you are done click the button “Save the picture” above the picture. You can rotate the image once you are back on the page using the arrows close to the thumbnail of the image.

What do I do if I don’t want a page in my book?
In Book About Baby you will find a lot of pages with different themes, some of them you might not want in your book. By not filling out a page it does not appear in your book. If you have filled out a page and then decide you do not want it to be included there is a checkbox in the bottom of each page with the text “I do not want this page in my book”. By clicking this the page will not be included in your finished book.

Do I have to answer all questions?
No, you only answer the questions you want to answer. In many cases the questions are not shown on the ready page so you can choose to answer the questions or write something else. The questions are there to give you inspiration and ideas.

How do I fill out or read a page?
You reach all pages by clicking on the title of the page in the left hand list. When you click on a page that is not yet filled out you get to the writing page that you fill out. When you have filled out and save a page you come to the reading page, the ready page in your book. Once a page is filled out and you click on the title in the left hand list you come to the reading page. If you want to make changes in a saved page you click on “Edit page” in the top of the page. You can always go back and edit a saved page.

Do I have to do the pages in the order of the list?
No, you can fill out the pages in any order you want. On many of the theme pages it is best to fill out information as events are taking place in the baby’s life, so that you return to these pages several times during the year of writing. It is often a good idea to write down things that happens when they happen as if is easy to forget. Always save the page after editing. To add information on a page once saved click the title of the page in the left hand list, you then get to the reading page, to edit click ”Edit page” in the top.

How do I print my book?
Click “Print book” in the top of the left hand list. You then get to a page showing a loist of all the pages you have filled out. Here you can choose to print all pages with one click or choose specific pages. You can off course print your book as many times as you like.

Can I get my book printed and bound?
Yes, we offer printing and binding services. You then get your book printed in color and you can choose between different types of binding. You can read more about the printing and binding options here>>

When should I write in the diary?
You decide yourself how often you want to write in the diary. There are 52 pages, so you can write one page each week, but also if it suits you better every second week, once a month or just when you feel like it. On the diary pages there is room for a headline to tell what period or dates the page is for.

What do I do if there is not room for everything I want to tell?

In Book About Baby there is both theme pages about the baby’s development, about food, play, sleep and much more. There are also 52 diary pages. If you cannot fit what you want to tell in the theme pages or in the diary there is also a few pages with the title ”I want to tell more about…” at the bottom of the title list. Here you can fit special stories that do not fit somewhere else.

All the text I have written on the writing page does not show on the reading page – why?
This is probably because you have written more text then there is room for. To fit the layout of the reading pages and the printed book the length of the text is limited. Under each text field it is shown how many characters fit in the field and a counter shows how many you have left as you write. When you reach 0 there is not room for more text and no more text will be shown.

How do I pay?
We use PayPal, one of the world’s most used services for internet payments. You can pay with your own credit card through this safe service, you do not need a PayPal account.

I have created an account before and are now trying to register again but it does not work. Why?
Our system only allows one account per e-mail address. If you have forgotten your password you can order a new one by clicking “Ask for new password”. If you want to register more users on the same e-mail address please contact us and we will help to add the user manually.

How do I get in contact with Book About Baby for questions or feed back?
The easiest way to reach us is to e-mail to info@bookaboutbaby.com. We answer e-mails as soon as we can, during office hours.

How do I log out?
You log out by clicking ”log out” at the top of the left hand list.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?
Click ”Ask for new password” and fill out your username or e-mail address and you will get an e-mail with a link with a password that log you in once. Then go to “My account” and change your password. When you register you get an e-mail with your username and password, please save this so that you have the information available if you should forget it.