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From beeing something quite abstract in the mummys tummy, out comes a small little human beeing! To get to know this new personality and to follow the fantastic development that all babies go through during their first year is one of the big benefits of beeing a parent.

Book About Baby is an easy-to-use site where you fill out theme pages about the baby's development, write down all that happens in the baby diary and upload lots of beautiful pictures of your baby. You have over 90 pages to choose from! As the book takes form the once closest to you can log in and read the book online. The final result will be a beautiful memory book about your baby's first year. You simply press one button to print the whole book in a nice bookformat, with your text, pictures and cute graphics. You can also choose to use our printing and binding services. This way the memories about your baby's first year is saved in a format that will last, save the book for you and your child and also maybe give it away as a present to grandma!
An account with Book About Baby costs 22 Euro, 30 USD or 17 GBP, and includes:
Availability to the complete Book About Baby tool to create your book.
Possibility to invite up to 10 people that gets a password to log in and read your book online.
Possibility to print the whole book with one click, all in a nice bookformat with cute graphics.
Possibility to send invites to friends.
2 years safety storage of your book.
Offers on printing and binding services for your book.
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Book About Baby - the perfect gift to someone expecting or just got a baby!
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We ask the questions - the answers becomes the story about you baby's first year!
Fun theme pages to fill out about your baby's development - gives ideas and inspiration.
Room for lots of memories and your own pictures - easy and fun to work with!
Share the nice site with your closest once as you are creating the book.
Print the nicest memory book about your baby's first year in a proper book format with cute graphics!
The book itself is not only a memory book for you and the baby but also a fantasic gift to grandmother and grandfather!