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Christening gift ideas

When you are invited to participate in a baby's christening or name giving ceremony it is a big honor. Depending on religion and beliefs it can be a celebration to join the community or it can just be a celebration of the name this little person is going to carry for the rest of it's life. It is custom to bring a christening gift for the baby and usually something that will lasts for a while, be a keepsake or a memory. The closer you are to the baby the more memorable gift you probably want to bring.

When you are asked to be a baby's godparent, you are then the one that has the closest relationship to the child besides the blood relatives. The custom to appoint godparents for a child is very old but the godparent's role has changed during the years. In the old days you were the one to take responsibility for the child's Christian upbringing and also to take care of the child if something happened to the parents. Now a days being a godparent is more of an honorary title, often issued to the parent's siblings or close friends. Being a godparent does not mean that you have any legal responsibility for the child, if the godparents and the parents want any arrangements of legal nature you have to write legally binding papers on this.

Christening gifts from grandparents or godparents

When you are a godparent you might want to give a more longlasing christening gift. Also the baby's grandparents might want to give a more substantial christening gift. A good christening gift from grandparents or godparents can be a savings account or some funds, growing with the child. Maybe the one giving the gift then adds a little bit to a savings account every year from the child's birthday.

Classic Christening gifts

- A nice music box is a classic Christening gift
- A piggy bank with a few coins
- High quality toys, for instance a wooden train set
- A mobile to hang over the child's bed
- Jewelry is a very nice Christening gift, especially for a girl. A bracelet with charms where you add one very year for the girls birthday can be a very nice Christening gift from a godparent.
- Baby Memory book
- Any personalized gift is a nice christening gift - a blanket with the baby's name, a child's chair with the baby's name and décor or a storybook where the baby plays the main role.
- A classic children's book or a book with songs and rhymes
- DVD-library with classic children's movies
- A high quality teddy bear

Other ideas for Christening gifts

- A tree planted somewhere in the world is a Christening gift witha purpose and quite symbolic.
- A star named after the baby
- A goat for a family in a developing country
- A babyswim class
- A mummy / baby yoga class
- A membership, for instance in daddy's football club

Name giving history
Name giving ceremonies, without a religious purpose, have a long history. If you have seen the film Ben Hur you will recall how when Ben Hur saved the Roman General the latter named him as his son. A son was not a true legal member of the family until the father had named the offspring in a ceremony. Thus a legal son could be, in our terms, adopted, born out of wedlock, born of the wife or born of another woman. Name giving was the rite which brought the child into the family.

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Christening gifts

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