Baby Memory Book

Memory Baby Book

A Memory Baby book that tells the story of your toddler's development and your experience of becoming a parent is a treasure for the baby and you as well as others close to the baby now and in the future. The first year in a baby's life he or she goes from a newborn that can only eat and sleep to a person that can grab and pick, sit and crawl maybe even walk, clearly communicate, seek contact, say some few words and interact with other people and so much more. It is a fantastic year of development for the baby and an intense experience for the baby's parents. To be allowed to see all this take place, to see the baby taking new steps every week, is one of the greatest benefits of being a parent. But so much is happening, and getting a child is also for most a life changing event that it can be difficult to later remember what happened when.

Get a Memory Baby Book!

With a Memory Baby Book to write it all down, it will be easier to remember what happened when. Most of us feel the urge to record all the fantastic things that happens. In a Memory Baby Book you get some help to write it all down, with pages to fill out you get inspiration on what to write down and empty pages urge you to do it.

A Memory Baby Book is a fun project to do while you are following your baby's development. It is also a memory treasure to keep. For you to remember but also for the child to read when he or she gets older. Many children love to read about themselves as a baby when they are a few years old. It helps them to understand where they come from and to build up their image of themselves. If a small brother or sister arrives it is also fun for the older child to go through the book and read about themselves as the new baby learns new things, making them feel more involved. And then of course the Memory Baby Book is fantastic to have when the baby featured in the book gets own babies!

Give away a Memory Baby Book!

A Memory Baby Book is the perfect gift for someone who is expecting a baby or just got a newborn child. It is a gift that lasts long after the clothes have become too small and the toys have been forgotten. Giving a Memory Baby Book you give away the possibility to save the most fantastic memory treasure.

To think about when you buy a Memory Baby Book as a gift:

- Gender. Many memory Baby books are gender specific.
- Layout. Choose a style that the parents will like.
- The Memory Baby book's scope. What do you think will suit the writer-to-be?
- Family type. Check that the Memory Baby book you choose fits the family type for instance for a single mother, twins, an adopted child or a rainbow family.

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Memory Baby Book

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