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My first steps

Narrated as by a baby

During my first year on this planet, dramatical changes take place when I take my first steps. I am learning how to crawl, to eat, to talk and to walk. Every baby is unique. I am developing individually and after my own personality and capability. But all babies have some developmental stages in common, which happen around the same age for all babies.

My first steps – some developmental stages

When I am just a newborn and up to one month old, I usually react with reflexes. It is the time when I start fixing my eyes to things around me. I can sense if it is cold or warm, so mummy should not touch me with cold hands because I am going to react. I like it better when it is nice and warm. I now also am kind of discovering my fingers, so sucking my thumbs becomes my big interest.

My first steps at one to two months of age

I am developing rather fast. I can now fix my eyes within an 11 inches distance (about 30 centimetres). My mummy and daddy are very happing because I am responding with smiles when they talk and joke with me. I have some newborn reflexes, like the one the doctor sees when he examines me so he can see if I have it when I am a newborn, and later on tests again to see if it is gone. It is the one when the doctor holds me in his arms and then sinks me quite fast. For me it feels like falling so I am supposed to flap my arms around me symmetrically like wanting to grab something to hold on to when falling.

My first steps at two to three months of age

My head is not that heavy to carry for me, I can almost balance it a little when I sit on someone’s lap. But the person that carries me still has to give my head a little support. I am not grown up yet. It is a very happy time for me, I am communicating with a lot of laughter and smiles. My mummy and daddy are very happy for me.

My first steps at three to four months of age
I am doing some good progress. Now I am managing all by my own to lean on my arms and elbows and lift my upper body a little when I lie on my belly. I can grab things with my whole hand. My mummy is not always glad about that because I am pulling her hair. My new interests are babbling and watching parts of my body, for example my hands.
My first steps at four to five months of age

I am getting more conscious of what is happening around me. I like to take things and examine them in my mouth, and I am doing it with more and more consciousness. When my mummy is talking she can easily get my attention because I have learned to turn towards where the sound comes from. The best is when daddy turns on the radio. The communication with my parents has improved, so now I can show them with my body language that I want to be picked up, for example. And when I sleep, I can turn from my back to my tummy. The best thing is that I can coordinate my arm and head movements.

My first steps at five to six months of age

At the age of five to six months I can finally sit on my own. I don’t need any support. I am doing both, turning to my tummy from my back, and from my back to my tummy. When my parents hold my hands I can rise up and stand if I’m sitting, and my head follows! Amazing! I recognise who my parents are and respond to them with sounds and babble. If I am playing alone I can take myself from one point to another by crawling or dragging myself. I can also play with my toys and move an object from my left hand to the right, and the opposite. If I loose a toy I try to look after it. At this point of my life, my newborn reflexes are gone.

My first steps at six to seven months of age

My mummy is calling me" the cutest puppy" and I finally understood why she is saying that; because I now am able to stand on by both hands and knees like a little puppy. Crawling is the best thing, I can move more easily. My language has developed into babbling syllables and my parents are ecstatic! I am good with my hands, but my fingers need some more exercise.

My first steps at seven to eight months of age

Strong sound is something I’m reacting on now, and when people I don’t know come to visit. Sometimes I don’t know them so I start crying. I am crawling big time now, and sitting on my own without any support. But my fingers, except for the thumbs, need even more practice.
My first steps at eight to nine months of age

Clapping is my new interest now. And I’m so happy about that! My fingers are better; I can grab things with my thumb and forefinger and I can go from crawling to sitting all by myself. Now, I can also almost say mummy and daddy! 

My first steps at nine to ten months of age

Finally, I am so strong that I can drag myself up and stand on my feet and take steps, holding a piece of furniture as support of course.  But I still find it difficult to go back to sitting after standing up and talking a walk. I have exercised my finger that well that I can pick small things up from the floor. I understand when mummy asks me where the lamp is. I show her I understand by looking at the lamp. When daddy goes to work I’m waving to him, and we play peek-a-boo, and hitting to bricks to each other with mummy. And I can also reach out and pick the bricks up again if they fall.  I like to do was she is doing, to imitate her. I can do all these things, you know.

My first steps at ten to twelve months of age

I can almost walk; I’m actually taking my first steps! It’s the best feeling. I feel so free. I can sit down too and put things in my mouth. And I can really say real words such as, “look”, “mummy” and ”daddy”! I have grown up so much!

Writing about the baby’s first steps

Would you like it if your baby could write, and could write all of this you just read down, and say these are my first steps in life? It would have been the greatest thing. But there is a chance for you as the parents to write about your baby’s first steps in life. You can download plenty of pictures and write about everything that happens, as if the baby was talking. Be your baby’s voice! offers you to do that!
my first steps

Memory Baby Book

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